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Aljabal PRO is one of the leading PRO companies in Dubai you can trust to guide you through every step of the company formation in Dubai. We take care of all the paperwork and document clearance necessary for setting up business in Dubai. 

Additionally, with our well-versed PROs assisting with many procedures for obtaining approval from different ministries, things appear to be quite convenient for you. We help you regarding company registration, licence renewals, labour laws, visas, and the DED legal process. 

So, you no longer have to follow the map’s legal requirements on your own, wait in line for your turn to submit the paperwork, or contact many organizations to simplify the documents for your business and staff. It is because our top-notch PRO services in Dubai can meet all of your demands.

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PRO Services For Company Formation In Dubai

PRO services are provided by a person who works for the government or a public relations officer. They assist entrepreneurs in interacting with the government and sticking to the law. Further, these services are essential for starting a business in Dubai since they make sure everything is legal and that all the paperwork is properly filled out.

Nevertheless, our best PRO services in Dubai can assist you with tasks like getting visas, creating employment contracts, and other important administrative duties that come with starting a business. Our team can guide you through the complex process of setting up a corporation and make it easier for you. By using our PRO services, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the paperwork.

Some Reasons Why Investors Demand Professional PRO Services Dubai

Here are a few of the key reasons that demonstrate investors require PRO services.

  • The necessity of monitoring and updating enterprises' registration, licencing, payments, and permits.
  • To ensure that the firm and its economic activity are recognised by the jurisdictional systems, legal contexts, and other governmental organisations.
  • You will also require PRO services to process and get associated documentation and to represent the company's needs for the immigration and labour departments.
  • To ensure your company is completely informed about all governmental guidelines and mandates.
  • The obligation for the corporation to appear before municipal officials and obtain a business licence. Plus, to manage applications for the renewal of pertinent licences and permits.
  • To receive a variety of document-clearing services in Dubai, including a labour contract, labour approval, employment visa, labour card, entry permit, and resident visa.
  • The requirement is to establish and maintain a positive working relationship with regional and federal government agencies.
  • To work with other departments to organise the payment of multiple departments and to coordinate certifications and sanctions from the authorities for the certificate of origin/attestation.
  • To save all official government letters, official company stamps, and any certified correspondence directed to the government in good condition.
  • The PRO services let you track the ministerial directions and guidelines from the relevant laws and transmit them to the appropriate agencies.

Aljabal PRO is the best PRO services company in Dubai committed to assisting you in the situations mentioned above.

Corporate PRO Services Dubai

Company And Branch Setup

We provide the full assistance and expertise you require for branch & business setup in Dubai.

Trade Licence

Not only do we help you get a new trade license, but also help you with renewal or changes of trade licence.

Trademark Registration

Our expert PROs guide you through the trademark registration process so that you can register it easily.

NOC Letters

We also support you in applying for and getting your NOC Letters from government departments.

Passport & Visa Clearance

No matter which passport or visa you want to have, we assist you in their approval, renewal, or cancellation.

Labour Card & Emirates ID

Apart from the labour Card, our PROs also help you apply for your Emirates ID so that you can get them on time.

Notary Public Support

We offer the most reliable and quick services for the attestation of critical legal documents from a public notary.

Arabic Translation Service

Our PROs also assist you in translating several legal documents into Arabic because it is the UAE’s official language.

AboutThe Best PRO Service For Visa Processing

Getting a visa in Dubai can be difficult and take a lot of time because the rules are always changing. But, our PRO visa services Dubai can help entrepreneurs with visa processing by giving them expert advice and helping them through the different steps involved. It can involve preparing documents, submitting them, and checking with the government to see what progress has been made.

Consequently, if you ask for help from experts to handle your visa, you can save time and prevent errors. It is very important for those who want to obey all the rules and laws related to visa processing. Therefore, we can advise you on the papers needed for each visa type and can help you with the application procedure from start to finish.

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The Best PRO Company In Duba

Hire a reliable Corporate Services Company In Dubai to handle the tedious process of handling your licences, visas, and other administrative tasks. Subsequently, you can concentrate on operating your business efficiently and save money and time.

Documents Approval

Prepare and obtain government department approval for all of your necessary documentation.

PRO Consultancy

Consult with our seasoned PRO experts for advice on any aspect of business setup.

Company Liquidation

Hire our PRO services if you want to have a smooth and hassle-free company liquidation process.


Our PRO Service Fee Suits Every Pocket

PRO service fees are the charges associated with using PRO Services Dubai. These fees can vary depending on the scope of the services required and the complexity of the task at hand. However, we have a fixed price for each service, and the cost depends on how difficult the task is. Our fees are fair and clear, and we don’t hide any extra costs. So, when you pay for our PRO service, you can trust that you are paying a reasonable price for the services you need.


Customers Reviews

When we needed to comprehend several issues of the laws governing the establishment of an onshore company in Dubai, ALJABAL was there to help us. They guide us at each step to establish a company. They are incredibly capable and trustworthy. Thanks a lot!

Muhammad Hamdan

Since we’ve been exclusively working with ALJABAL PRO, all of our HR and consulting transactions have gone without a hitch. They have always maintained a clear and trustworthy voice while being quite proactive. Definitely looking forward to working with them again!

Abdul Ghani

Truly one of the best PRO agencies in Dubai that I have worked with! ALJABAL PRO did a great job of responding to my questions and the staff was very knowledgeable. They helped me a lot to get my Dubai visa. Highly recommended!

Krishan Achariya

Since there are so many intricate regulations, starting a business in Dubai might be challenging. The team at ALJABAL PRO is highly skilled and has a wealth of knowledge in this field. In my opinion, any entrepreneur deciding to launch his own company here should definitely consider hiring them.

Anand Anil
  • I sincerely appreciate your service. Everything was completed quickly and professionally. ALJABAL’s PROs are at a very high level. Their explanations and details on the incorporation of a new company were all concise, understandable, and complete. Their aid in suggesting my office setup and inviting bankers as an added service was successful and beneficial.
Charlotte Jack